Luna Stage
The High Water Mark

Current Luna Luminaries

Since the birth of western civilization, leading civic figures have understood their role in supporting the theatre and the work of the playwrights that enrich our lives by illuminating our humanity. The Board of Trustees would like to thank all of the individuals, corporations, and foundations who have kept faith in the practice of this 2000-year-old tradition by supporting Luna Stage and our work.

This list acknowledges donations for the past year as well as our New Founders. It is current as of October 1, 2015. Apologies to anyone inadvertently omitted.

Major Corporate and Foundation Support Provided by:

The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
The MetLife Foundation
The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey
The JPMorgan Chase Foundation
The Whitehill Foundation
Lawrence Kantor, Inc.
Man With a Van, Inc.
The Dramatists Guild Fund
The Puffin Foundation

Producing Angels & New Founders ($5,000 +)

Richard & Mary Bryant
Rose & John Cali
Pat Morrissy & Jean Campbell
R. Jonathan Cobb & Suzzanne Douglas
Jewel Plummer Cobb
Frankie Faison
Karen Wisham Hudson
Lowell & Lynn Jacobs
Jane Mandel
Charlotte McKim
Mona Hennessy & Mariano Rey
William & Jill Slattery

Radiant ($2,500 - $4,999)

Ronald K. Andrews
Andre Braugher & Ami Brabson
Rosemary & Alfred Iversen
Leslie Duval & Jonathan Kantor
Gary & Faith Taylor
Terry & Rita Woodard

Dazzling ($1,000 - $2,499)

Bonnie Carter
Nick & Laura Ingoglia
Joel & Alissa Isaacson
Vin & Freddie Scelsa
David & Rachel Black Spaulding
Daniel Sugarman & Dorothy Wetzel
Alexander Woodard
Bruce Yannett
Jules & Gila Zalon

Brilliant ($500 - $999)

David & Joani Ascher
Katherine DeFoyd
Gina Elliott
Paul Goldman
Palisa Kelley
Kurt Kiley
Elliot Lee
Maxine Roach
Adrian Shelby
Cathy Tempelsman
Vincent & Lynne Toye

Shining ($250 - $499)

Henry & Linda Glass
Rachel Murphy & Jim Glossman
Anthony Kastanas
Jennifer & Anthony Leitner
Joanne T. Marren
Evelyn & Allen Motley
Jean Murphy
Gwendolyn Pines
Barbara Seril
Linda & Philip Setzer
Barbara & Robert Starr
James Woodle
Olympia Dukakis & Louis Zorich


Helena Axelrod
Debbie Bernstein
Karen Bonislawski
Leonard Bornstein
Joan Burr
Robyn Byers-Huang
Barbara Cagny
Marian Calabro
Ida Campbell
Oliver Cato
Kimberyly Cohen
Ann Coughlin
Peter Cullen
Kristin Curry
Barbara Denby
Gerard Deutsch
Gino Diiorio
Sarita DiMatteo
Evelyn Doll
Khadijah Drinkard
Daniel & Deborah Duane
Carlymead Eggleston
Marcia Solkoff Eskin
Dara Falco
Susan Fitzgibbons
John Flory
Marilyn & James Fogarty
Ithamar Francois
Stuart Deutsch & Holly Gauthier
Nancy Giles
Teresa Giuliana
David Goldsmith
Mark & Robin Gordon
Susan Gorman
Barry Greenberg
Donald Greenfield
David Strom, Jr. & Laura Greenwald
Maryanne Grycan
Jana Handwerk
Geremia Helou
Thomas Hilberth
Helene Hill
Dale Holmes
Celia Triggs Honohan
Mary Ann Hooper
Barry Jackson
John & Linda James
Lawrence & Judy Kantor
Sarah Koestner
Robby & Claudy Kullman
Donna Lawrence
William Lee
Jennifer & Anthony Leitner
Barry Levin
Wendy Liscow
Germaine & Thomas Louis
Lucy Loux
Gail Lowry-Davis
Joseph & Diana Lunin
Marcia Mandel
Pio Consoli & Carol Mann
Benjamin Marshall
Shirley Matthews
Martha Moffett
Gerald & Marcia Mohl
Nadirah Muhammed
Daniel Naiman
Todd Neale
Anna Nelson
Alan Newfield
Tina & Alan Newfield
Sara Olson
Miles O'Neil
John O'Neill
Laura & Mark Packer
Rae Padulo
Jaqueline Pagano
Anthony Paglia
Joseph Palestrina
Adelaide Palmer
John & Rae Paltiel
Maria Della Pella
John Peoples
Aimee Perez
Marietta Peskin
Freda Peters
Andrew Pierce
William Pierce
Sherril Pierre
Valene Ramdhanie
Roberta Rana
Marcia Marley & Peter Rappaport
Sharon Resnick
Eugene Reynolds
Michael Riera
Ruth Ross
Laura & Stephen Sacks
Nikkole Salter
Alan Saltzman
Alisa Schierman
Gail Schmitt
Lianne Schoenwiesner
Judith Schurenberg
Christa Siems
Robert & Ethel Singer
Ted & Jo Sippie-Gora
William Slattery
Meaghan Slattery
Sharey Slimowitz
Niegel Smith
Diana Smith
Edith Solimine
Rosanne Spodaro
Gail Stahlhuth
Ed Stevens
Kristine Stringer
Marie Sullivan
Gerald Sweeny
Susan Taylor
Amy Tenzer
Jules & Susan Titelbaum
Pamela Townsend
Jennifer Tunnicliffe
Rafael Valverde
Jerry & Hanie Warshaw
Cheryl & Lee Weinberg
Wanda Werber
Wilma White
Robert Winkler
Gila & Jules Zalon
Ruth Zamoyta

Upcoming Calendar

Oct. 6 - Oct. 7

Benefits and Special Events
A Very Special Benefit Event To Open Our Season

Nov. 2 - Nov. 19

By Laura Maria Censabella

Feb. 1 - Mar. 4

A World Premiere of a New Musical Commissioned by Luna Stage

Apr. 5 - May. 6

By Craig Alan Edwards