1997-1998 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 25 Seasons!

December 7, 1997

Fall Reading Series

The Flame Keeper by Amos Kamil
Directed by Chuck Goforth
A post-war drama by Amos Kamil.
Setting: Gruber's tobacco shop one year after the end of World War II
Starring: Lenny Mandel and James Caulfield
Production: Stephanie Bell (Stage Manager)

Burying Fiona by Jeanne Marshall
Directed by Jane Mandel
A dark comedy by Jeanne Marshall.
Time: The Present
Place: Upstairs bedroom of a modest New Jersey home.
Starring: Deborah Maclean, Kate Redway, Tom Brennan, Aurelia Mills, and Lisa Stump
Production: Stephanie Bell (Stage Manager)

Upcoming Calendar

Apr. 12 - May. 13

By Craig Alan Edwards

May. 21 - May. 22

Benefits and Special Events
Readings of 15 short plays by some of NJ's finest writers!

June 1, 7:00 pm

Benefits and Special Events
Location: Montclair Women's Club