Adult Improv

For more information contact annika.franklin@lunastage.org

Set your imagination free and create stories, scenes, and characters out of thin air! In this fun, playful, active and interactive class, we will explore the wild and wacky world of Improv. Following the core principals of having fun, embracing failure, staying in the moment, and the famous concept of “Yes, And,” stretch your performance muscles and build new skills!

This program is offered on a pay-what-you-wish basis.

Please support at whatever level is comfortable.

Meet the Instructor


Margaret Hunsicker has been performing improv for the last 13 years, and teaching for the past 6. Originally from Orlando, FL and an alumni of the University of Central Florida, she spent several years in Austin, TX teaching, directing, and performing improv at the Hideout Theatre. She is now quarantining in Chicago, IL, studying at Second City, and looking forward to getting more involved when theatres open back up again. Besides improv, she enjoys drinking iced lattes and spending time with her extremely energetic cats.