How To Add a Contact

To add a number to your Contacts, try the following steps:


Do you have an iPhone? This should work for most models:

1. Click on the text message.

2. Click on the icon at the top (it will likely look like a silhouette of a person).

3. Under the drop down menu, click on the Info button.

4. This will pull up the phone number - click on the Info button again.

5. Click on Create New Contact.

6. Change the name of this contact to #RIFT.

7. Click on Done.


(If you want to add the photo we sent you, go back to the conversation and hold down on that photo until your phone asks if you want to save it to your Camera Roll. Then, return to the #RIFT contact and add the photo!)


Do you have an Android? This should work for most models:

1. Open the text message.

2. Tap More in the upper-right corner.

3. Click on Add To Contacts.

4. Click on Save To Phone.

5. Here you can add information, change the name, and upload the photo! Follow the same instructions above for saving the photo to your phone prior to assigning it to the #RIFT contact.