Land Acknowledgment

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Luna Stage acknowledges that our physical theatre space is on the occupied land of the Lenni Lenape people. Caretakers, warriors, and diplomats, the Lenape people were the first Native tribe to sign a treaty with the United States government. They lived in the area in and surrounding New Jersey for over 10,000 years, stewarding the land for generations until Dutch and English settlers arrived in the seventeenth century. In the subsequent centuries, these settlers took land from the Lenape, killing or relocating them away from their native land.


We at Luna Stage believe that this acknowledgment is only an initial step in respecting and supporting Indigenous and other disenfranchised communities. We are committed to honoring Native Tribes through learning and relearning history, working as allies and accomplices, creating open theatrical spaces, and sharing resources.


We invite you to join us in these efforts: you can look up the original stewards of the land you now occupy and learn more at the links below.

Resources for learning and material support:

State-recognized NJ tribes:

Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, where many NJ Lenape people relocated:

Lenape Nation Amazon Smile link:

Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Nation: