Our New Moon Series supports playwrights in developing their work, and offers audiences a chance to see new plays in process.
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NEW MOON READING Sept 16 at 7pm

Steve Jobs and the Fundamental Beauty of the Universe: A Concert Reading

What if the universe was a grand machine that ran on principles drawn from computer programming? What if Steve Jobs was created in a plane of existence where everything was perfect and orderly - an efficient, bug-free system - only to be thrust into an imperfect world? What if he gradually rediscovered this beautiful universal machine and tried to recreate it on Earth?

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What kinds of plays do we read at New Moon?

All kinds! We try to provide you with the broadest range of experiences possible: a range of different writers, exploring many different topics, in many different styles. Luna reads plays in all stages of development, from the "beautiful mess" of early drafts, to more polished later drafts. In all cases, the playwright is still actively working on the script. Sometimes it is only by reading in front of an audience that a playwright discovers what their play is trying to say. Sometimes you might be in the audience when that magic happens!

Plays in development are still grappling with unknowns - some part or parts of the play that don't yet "work" in the way the playwright intends. We think being an audience for a play in development is exciting because the audience's reflections on a script have a great ability to affect how the script grows and changes. Some plays read in our New Moon Series go on to be produced on our MainStage and at  theaters across the country. Luna audiences can feel proud of their role in shaping those plays on their journey.