Play In Your Pod

Luna Stage is thrilled to announce our newest initiative, Play In Your Pod! (You don't have to be in a pod--we can match you with other kids, and also offer curricular support to schools...)

Untitled design-14 (1).png

We are building customizable virtual programs for small groups--kids who are already connected, or new groups, can have a play written for them to rehearse and perform, schools and microschools can sign up to have us implement small group curriculum around learning objectives (e.g. collaboratively create a film adaptation of a book you're reading in school, or do a short play about gravity, or create a character inspired by surrealist art, or learn to perform Shakespeare!) and we also are offering entirely virtual Luna filmmaking, improv and playwriting programs.

We are committed to this program being accessible to all, and hope to continue our pay-what-you-wish model throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Info will be growing on our website in coming days, but since this program is responsive to community needs we also want to build it in response to YOU! If you have a class you'd like to see--and possibly a small cohort of kids you know are interested--please email