1999-2000 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

December 18 - December 19, 1999

Compliments of the Season by O. Henry

Adapted and Directed by Jim Glossman

A tale of one long-ago New York Christmas. Full of music and sweeping movement, a holiday treat from the Luna Family. The play takes place one Christmas, on Manhattan Island, one hundred years ago, at the end of a previous century.

Starring: Lauren Shweder, Belle Koven, Daniela Rico, Lucas Carine, Zoe Chevant, Rachel Faison, Daniel Leeds, Deborah Mclean, Keith Murphy, Maddy Nussbaum, Daniela Rico, Mary Schulze, Katia Setzer, Brendan Burke, Devon McIntyre, Robin Carine, Richard Currie, Paul Murphy, Bill Deltz, Jerry Lazar, Brendan Burke, Linda Setzer

Pianist: Vicki Sanborn

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