1995-1996 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

February 1 - February 25, 1996

An Invitation to the Blues

By Jacquetta McMurray and Zelda Patterson

An Invitation to the Blues

Music and Lyrics by Jacquetta McMurray

Directed by Beatrice Winde

The life stories of three talented women: Memphis, Mac Jack and Hildy, intersect on the Old Chittlin' Circuit in An Invitation to the Blues. A rebellious daughter, a bitter and lonely piano player, and a woman running from the murder of an unfaithful lover find themselves as a family, sharing their present and shunning their past.

Time: Early 1940s.

Place: Rural Georgia, Backstage and onstage in various juke joints on the old chittlin circut, Hildy's kitchen, T's parlor.

Staring: Zelda Patterson, Jacquetta L. McMurray, Louise Bethune, Julius Hollingsworth, and Eddie Earl Hatch.

Production and Design: Kris L. Adler (Lighting and Set Design), Carmen Borgia (Sound Design), Steven Shevelino (Musical Arrangement), Marcel Christain (Costume Design), and Laurie Wessley (Production Stage Manager).