1996-1997 Season

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April 24 - May 18, 1997

Berlin to Broadway With Kurt Weill, A Musical Voyage

Berlin to Broadway With Kurt Weill, A Musical Voyage

Lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, Marc Blizstein, Bertolt Brecht, Jaques Deval, Michael Feingold, Ira Gershwin, Paul Green, Langston Hughes, Alan Jay Lerner, Ogden Nash, George Tabori, and Arnold Weinstein

Music by Kurt Weill

Text and Format by Gene Lerner

Musical Arrangements by Newton Wayland

Directed by Laurie Wessely

Music Direction by Tom Maher

Choreography by Sean Baldwin

A journey through the remarkable career of Kurt Weill, one of the great pioneers of modern musical theatre.

Starring: Sean Baldwin, Deb Hiett Borgia, Jay Aubrey Jones, and Deborah Stein

Orchestra: Diane Moser (Piano), Chap Ostrander (Percussion), Dale Trimmer (Percussion), David Grego (Bass), Deb Hiett Borgia (Accordion), Deborah Sein (Flute), and Tom Maher (Woodwinds and Keyboard)

Production and Design: Terese Bruck (Costume Design), Stephanie M. Bell (Production Stage Manager), Deb Hiett Borgia (Additional Choreography, Craig Swanson (Photography), and Al Calienes (Poster Designs)

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