2018-2019 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

October 8, 2018

Soo Jin Pretty Nail (and more)

by Susan Hyon

Soo Jin Pretty Nail (and more)

No reservations necessary. $15 suggested donation at the door. Time: 7:30pm.

Talk-back with playwright follows the performance.

Soo Jin Pretty Nail (and more) is a one-woman show in which Soo Jin, fresh off the boat (and out of the plastic surgeon's chair) regales the audience with the virtue of beauty at all costs, something that is totally lost on her ugly, poorly-dressed, failed actor, yogi of a half-sister, Susan. Eventually, after some of Soo Jin's K-pop karaoke stylings, Susan shows up to work out her shit (or not) for the amusement of an audience.

Soo Jin Pretty Nail (and more) is the opposite of a pre-packaged autobiographical monologue, written and performed to strike every emotional note. It is a real encounter with a person, whose idiosyncratic behavior and way of thinking has led her to startling insights which she bravely shares with whoever wants to listen (and sometimes whoever doesn't), but also just makes her a fascinating person to hang out with for an hour as we all try to make sense of the mess we are in at the beginning of 2018. It is theatre that doesn't feel like theatre - because what is theatre really other than a bit of time, framed by something we hubristically decide to call a beginning and an end? And it turns out, without all its trappings, theatre can be a pretty damn moving and profound experience.