1998-1999 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

November 12 - December 6, 1998

The Flame Keeper

World Premiere By Amos Kamil

The Flame Keeper
The Flame Keeper

Directed by Charles Goforth

Moved to 47th Street Theatre, NYC, Summer 2000

Set in Berlin following WWII, the play explores assimilation and prejudice through a confrontation between a Jewish professor and a cigar store owner.

Time: 1946
Place: Berlin, a cigar shop opposite the train station
Starring: Lenny Mandel and Paul Whelihan
Production and Design: Stephanie M. Bell (Production Stage Manager), Olga Aftyn Gill (Assistant Stage Manager), Francis D. Chavez (Scenic Design), Jim Hultquist (Lighting Design), Bryan Coleman (Technical Director), Claudia Bloom (Casting Consultant), and Siochain Hughes (Poster Design and Photography)

Life After Luna

47th Street Theatre (NY), July-September 2000

Dougherty Arts Center (Austin, TX), August 2002

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