2000-2001 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

March 8 - March 25, 2001

The Collection

By Harold Pinter

Directed by James Glossman

Harold Pinter's brilliantly menacing comedy will take you on a journey into the mysterious unknown borders of the human heart.

Time: The Present
Place: Harry’s House, James and Stella's apartment several blocks away.

Starring: Brendan Byrnes, W.T. Martin, Paul Murphy, and Linda Setzer.
Production and Design: Barbara Dente (Production Stage Manager), Jennifer M. Caswell (Assistant Stage Manager), Julia Hahn (Set Design), Richard Currie (Lighting Design), Penelope Laughman (Costume Design), Vin Scelsa (Sound Design), Helen Murphy (Poster & Program Cover Design), and Garlanda Washington (Light Board Operator).

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