2004-2005 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

November 18 - December 12, 2004


By Henrik Ibsen, Translated by Arthur Kopit

Directed by Jane Mandel

Ibsen's rarely produced masterpiece, is a saga of love, betrayal and hypocrist. The story gradually unfolds as ghosts from the past come back to haunt the living. Mrs. Alving, obsessed with keeping up appearances, tries to protect her late husband's reputation, but ends up living a lie as the sins of the father are visited on the children.

Starring: Michael Aquino, Kenneth Boys, Bethany Butler, Frankie Faison, and Mona Hennessy.
Design Team: Fred Kinney (Set Design), Jill Nagle (Lighting Design), Joseph Galione (Sound Design), Amy Ricthings (Costume Design), Jesse Monahan (Technical Director), and Kirk Mouser (Stage Manager).


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