2004-2005 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

October 7 - October 31, 2004

Under Glass

By Kristine Thatcher

***World Premiere***

Directed by James Glossman

A look at the emotionally fraught world of infertility, examining the battle between science and humanism through the intensely personal experience of one couple and their efforts to conceive.

Time: The 1980s
Place: Chicago

Starring: Tamela Aldridge, Mona Hennessy, Bill Tatum, Paul Murphy, Teri Furr, Susan Knight Carlin, Megan McIsaac, and Linda Setzer.
Design Team: Kirk Mouser (Production Stage Manager), Jack Moore (Assistant Stage Manager), Sarah Murphy (Assistant Stage Manager), Jessica Parks (Set Design), Julie Duro (Lighting Design), Vin Scelsa (Sound Design), Bettina Bierly (Costume Design), Jack Moore (Projections), Lehner & Whyte (Poster/Program Design), and Jesse Monahan (Technical Director).

Under Glass
Under Glass
Under Glass

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