2005-2006 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

November 17 - December 11, 2005

The Normals

World Premiere By Chris Widney

Directed by Jane Mandel

A couple of theatrical true believers have tried to live a normal life in the suburbs. But, when their only son announces he wants to be an accountant, they pull out all the stops to keep him in "the biz".

Starring: Keara Hailey, Mona Hennessy, Daniel Paul Johnson, Rita Rehn, and Paul Whelihan.

Design Team: Jessica Parks (Set Design), Carrie Yacono (Lighting Design), Isaac Mandel (Sound Design), Daniel Lawson (Costume Design), Carrie Yacono (Production Manager), and Gary Adamsen (Stage Manager).

The Normals

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