"A heartfelt masterpiece rife with comedic brilliance and the triumph of the human spirit!" - BroadwayWorld

"A surprisingly moving and enjoyable play, ultimately about relationships - how they are made and how they can break. Highly recommended." - New Jersey Jewish News


"A story of... compassion, responsibility, regret,redemption, forgiveness and, above all, love... one you will talk about for days afterward." - NJ Arts Maven


"A play that folds complex matters of international diplomacy and Western imperialism delicately into a tender, fraught father-daughter story, doing impressive work to tell a big story... Under the direction of Ari Laura Kreith, the play features strong performances of considerable range... a warm, provocative production." - Star-Ledger/


"Masterful directing and compelling acting by a fabulous ensemble!" - Baristanet


"A rich tale of three people - an American, an Afghan,and an Afghanistan-born American - caught up in political, social and religious forces beyond their control... it's the perfect play to close Luna Stage's2018-19 season!" -




"So imaginatively crafted and so well executed that it soars...a work of stark beauty...J.Stephen Brantley shows himself to be a talented and powerful voice in the theatre.  I strongly urge you to see Pirira" - Allen Neuner, Out in Jersey


"Tautly plotted Pirira questions how and why we stand up to injustice and inequality at home and abroad." - Ruth Ross, NJ Arts Maven


"When it comes to sharing heart and purpose, (Pirira) sticks the landing." - Gwen Orel, Montclair Local


"Pirira by J. Stephen Brantley opens Luna Stage's 2018-19 season with a bang. Under the new leadership of Ari Laura Kreith (who directed the production) Pirira continues and expands Luna's commitment to timely plays where social justice is an undercurrent. It's an absorbing, ambitious and big-hearted play" - BroadwayWorld





"A powerful piece that deserves to be seen." - Allen Neuner, Out In Jersey


"With compelling characters and great literature...The Assignment... is a celebration of life." -


"Almonacid explores the challenge of small encroachments into daunting territories of understanding...The Assignment proves at once subtle and provocatively human."




"This is a scary little jewel of a production" - Q On Stage


A "gripping story of cyber security and romance...a fictional story (that) feels as though it could be happening in real time...ROAN @ THE GATES is an important play!"  - BroadwayWorld


"A tight, well-acted morality play about whistleblowing and its implications." - Baristanet