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THE FRONTERA PROJECT created by Ramón Verdugo and Jessica Bauman
Oct 7-16, 2021
A border is a limit. But it also suggests possibility — a chance to approach someone on the other side. The Frontera Project was co-created by Mexican and US artists to explore the experience of our southern border. Centering stories from the San Diego/Tijuana region, this interactive piece fuses theater, music and play to explore the varied experiences of peopleon both sides of la frontera.

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THE GIANT VOID IN MY SOUL by Bernardo Cubría
Celebrate the return of live theatre with this existential comedy that
explores how the joy is found in the journey and not the destination...or something... When Fool 1 discovers the Giant Void in their soul, they and their loyal best friend Fool 2 set out on a Quixotic quest to fill it. Will food and alcohol do it? What about jobs, marriage, procreation, or even self-reflection? Can anything fill this damn void?!

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#RIFT: The Live Culmination by Gabriel Jason Dean
April 21-May 15, 2022
Two real-life brothers — one a convicted murderer, the other a playwright; a member of the alt-right versus an A.O.C.-type progressive. Who are we and who do we want to be? How do we take responsibility for our American history? Join us for the live culmination of this true story.

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An Exciting New Play TBA!
April 21-May 15, 2022
We’re keeping this slot flexible so we can respond to our ever-changing

At Luna, we are committed to the development and production of work that will transform our communities, dismantle white supremacy culture, and create physical and metaphorical space where all are welcomed, engaged, challenged, inspired and uplifted. Join us on the journey!
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