12PM - 1:10PM
Ria Grosvenor

"A Different View"
Liz Alterman

Ria Grosvenor

"Home for the Holidays"
Rachel Hoover

Directed by
Andrew Binger

1:15PM - 2:25PM
"Max & Katie at the Side of the Road"
Genine Babakian

"Rose Quartz"
Rochelle Herring

"Spoils of Guilt"
Celia Kapsomera

"Mirror Image"
Elaine Lane

"Double Take"
Elizabeth Kaplan

Directed by
Darin F. Earl II

2:30PM - 3:40PM
"Teenage Dream"
Mariah-Lynn Black

"Not Another Day"
Gilbert Glenn Brown

"Lola Lies to Corky"
Arlene Hutton

Kristin Curry

Melissa Toomey

Directed by
Dillon Mitcham

3:45PM - 4:55PM
"Stable Instability"
Kristin Curry

"The Eleventh Floor"
Carolina Morales

"Try Cry Dry Fly"
Marian Calabro

"Stay at Heart Moon Bay"
Christopher Parker

Directed by
Alex Oleksy

5PM - 6:10PM
"Last Night in Rome"
Dawrell Rich

"The Work Around"
Magdalen Radovich

"Net Worth"
Gabrielle Wagner

"The Sound from the Edge of the Brook"
Jonathan Samarro

"Dream Guy"
Laura Toffler

Directed by
Allison Benko

6:15PM - 7:30PM
"Dark, a play for Margaret Holloway"
Myra Slotnik

Rochelle Herring

Lauren Gottlieb

"The Bird Diaries: Told by a Human"
Lucas Luchsinger

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