2.2 Sq Miles poster v4.png

Luna Stage in Association with Ping Chong and Company Presents

2.2 Square Miles of Soul: Voices of Orange

Written & Directed by Christina Bixland & Matthew Martinez
In collaboration with the Storytellers: Turron Kofi Alleyne (Creative Consultant), Tony Benevento, Theresa Borenstein, Robert Currie, Rebecca Doggett, and James A. Manning.

A powerful documentary film exploring the changing face of Orange, New Jersey, told through first-hand narratives of six former and current residents of Orange, as they reflect on the community they all still think of as home. Deeply personal and full of heart and humor, the project bears witness to some of the social, political, and economic forces that shaped the community over the course of the last century, including historic disinvestment, demographic change, and the fight for representative government.  2.2 Square Miles of Soul investigates the intersection of personal and political histories, as well as the resistance and resilience of the people of Orange.

2.2. Square Miles of Soul is a new work in Ping Chong and Company's Undesirable Elements series of interview-based theater productions examining the role of place, identity, and sense of belonging within communities. It was created at the invitation of, and in partnership with, Luna Stage's Secret Cities initiative, which commissions and produces new work inspired by local interviews and history in an ongoing collaboration between Luna and its surrounding communities.