We recently received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support our collaboration with The Andrew Goodman Foundation on The VOTING WRITES Project.


Between now and November, Luna will commission and produce a series of new plays, songs, and virtual experiences to explore questions of suffrage, voter suppression, apathy and activation.

We're working with a mix of professional playwrights and composer/lyricists and teens across the country, with activists in the City of Orange whose votes weren't counted in the recent local elections (where one council member was elected by a single vote). We're telling stories of single women losing the right to vote in NJ in 1807, of the Masked Election during the pandemic of 1918, of voter suppression in the past three months, and of the challenges and glories of vote-by-mail. 


The work ranges from live performance to virtual fireside chats to Zoom plays to site specific and durational performance experiences. 

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This multi-writer, interdisciplinary performance will be staged in the communities surrounding Luna and via virtual platforms in anticipation of the Fall 2020 election.

"Voting Writes explores voter suppression and suffrage through history, examines experiences of apathy and activation in this present moment, and celebrates the power of the individual voter to impact our electoral process and indeed democracy itself. It is our fervent hope that this interactive, virtual and site-specific experience will inspire civic engagement, and ensure that every voice is heard and counted." 

-Ari Laura Kreith, Artistic Director, Luna Stage

These stories are revelatory and emboldening, allowing young people to experience the power of theatre, and to share and learn about our complex and fraught relationship to voting, especially for youth of color. This is so important as America is now gripped by young people uprising in response to the repeated horrors birthed by systemic racism and its threats to our democracy and their ferry lives. How they link their activism to voting is essential to the preservation and course correction of our democracy."

-Maxim Thorne, Managing Director, The Andrew Goodman Foundation

Luna Stage has committed to raising $10,000 in matching funds for this project. If you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution, we welcome your support.

Collaborators Include:

Turron Kofi Alleyne has worked with some of Hollywood’s most esteemed A-List directors, producers, and actors such as: Spike Lee, Jonathan Nolan, Mark Wahlberg, Zoe Saldana, Michael B. Jordan, Lawrence Fishburne, and others. see more

Turron Kofi Alleyne
Jenny Lyn Bader

Jenny Lyn Bader is thrilled to be back at Luna Stage, which premiered her drama Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library. Her other plays include In Flight (Turn to Flesh Productions) and None of the Above (New Georges). see more

Rajesh is an actor based in New York City -- regional and Off-Broadway favorites include: The Crucible (Bedlam), Henry VI (NAATCO), Pygmalion (Bedlam Theatre), Against The Hillside (Ensemble Studio Theatre), Indian Ink (Roundabout), Oslo (St. Louis Rep), see more

Rajesh Bose
Rachel Shapiro Cooper

Rachel Shapiro Cooper attended the High School of Performing Arts and Music and Art and then received her BFA in Acting from Carnegie Mellon University, School of Drama which included study at the Moscow Art Theatre school (MXAT). see more

Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin is a queer mixed Asian American writer, producer, and performer. Kaela’s a founding member of Undiscovered Countries, a Brooklyn-based incubator of new and developing interdisciplinary art. see more

Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin
Jessica Brater

Jessica Brater is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the BA and MA in Theatre Studies at Montclair State University, where she teaches theater for social change. see more

Alexander Oleksy is an NYC based director and teaching artist originally from The Woodlands, TX. He has a strong background in directing, production, and applied theatre, and possesses a passion for creating challenging art, especially for young audiences. see more

Alexander Oleksy
Maggie Borgen

Maggie Borgen is a senior at Montclair High School. She is the Founder and Director of In Harmony Montclair, a nonprofit run by teens that raises money for local charities through benefit concerts and other events. see more

Jim Knable

Jim Knable’s plays have been produced (MCC Theater) and published (Samuel French), articles and reviews published (The Brooklyn Rail), and songs regularly featured across media platforms (Unorthodox Podcast). see more

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