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Luna Stage Winter Classes: Grades 3-5


Session 1: January 11 - March 21


Sing, dance and act! Our musical theatre classes are perfect for triple threats in the making! Young performers will learn vocal technique, explore character-based song interpretation, and learn and perform choreography to songs from Broadway and other popular musicals. Students will discover their individual talents, and collaborate with others on group numbers.

​January 11 - March 15
​January 16 - March 20

4pm - 5pm EST        Mondays

1:30pm - 2:30pm EST        Saturdays


Set your child's imagination free to create stories, scenes, and characters out of thin air! In this fun, playful, active and interactive class, students will explore the wild and wacky world of Improv!

​January 16 - March 20

12pm - 1pm EST        Saturdays