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Luna Stage Winter Classes: Grades 6-12


Session 1: January 11 - March 21


A course in the fundamentals of acting, we will explore material from the ground up, beginning with text analysis, and following the characters' journeys all the way to performance. We'll be working with practical acting techniques that give students all the tools they need to tell the story of the scene. Applicable to theatre and on-camera acting, this class will teach skills that are accessible to the beginner, but equally useful for experienced actors.

​January 13 - March 17

4pm - 5:30pm EST        Wednesdays


Set your imagination free and create stories, scenes, and characters out of thin air! In this fun, playful, active and interactive class, students will explore the wild and wacky world of Improv. Following the core principals of having fun, embracing failure, staying in the moment, and the famous concept of “Yes, And,” students will stretch their performance muscles, make friends and build new skills!

​January 15 - March 19

4pm - 5:30pm EST        Fridays


The filmmaking process, whether for film, television, or online content, begins with writing a screenplay. Students will be introduced to the fundamental elements of screenwriting, including story structure, screenplay format, character creation, dialogue, and action writing. Through writing exercises and collaborative workshops, students will develop original ideas and complete one or more original short screenplays.

​January 16 - March 20

12pm - 2pm EST        Saturdays


This workshop teaches powerful ways to make your performance more natural and spontaneous while focusing on film and television scripts. Actors will work on on-camera performance, and how to bring the physical life of each scene to the camera.

​January 16 - March 20

2:30pm - 3:30pm EST        Saturdays


Have you always wondered what it would be like to try voice over acting? In this class, you'll learn to understand delivery and emotional storytelling, and how to identify what voice over styles best match overall messaging. Practice vocal variety - pitch, pacing, volume-- and see when and where to employ these elements. Find your authentic voice!

​January 11 - March 15

4pm - 5pm EST        Mondays