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Extended through November 17th!

Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library

By Jenny Lyn Bader - Directed by Ari Laura Kreith

Starring Giuliana Carr, Brett Temple and Karl Kenzler

"A powerful and timely tour de force!" - Oleg Sulkin, Voice of America

"Intimate, riveting...Optimism for the fate of the human race!" -Ruth Ross, NJ Arts Maven

"I won’t be surprised if it makes the leap to New York City where I think it really belongs." - Peter Filichia, Broadway Radio

"In a moment of intense polarization in our own political discourse, the play is more than a history lesson and a drama;
it’s also a dissertation on how to speak to another person across a seemingly impassable gulf.”
- Johanna R. Ginsberg, New Jersey Jewish News

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