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#RIFT: A Play In Three Parts

By Gabriel Jason Dean | Directed by Ari Laura Kreith


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Two real-life brothers—one a convicted murderer, the other a playwright; a member of the alt-right versus an A.O.C. type progressive. Luna Stage presents the World Premiere of #RIFT: Play Via Text Message, a form-bending theatrical memoir exploring how we bridge America's cultural divides


#RIFT incorporates audio files, photos, and epistolary correspondence, all delivered over text message to audience members' phones. Playwright Gabriel Jason Dean navigates a deeply personal landscape with this production; his brother is a currently incarcerated member of the alt-right, and the two had barely spoken in 10 years. In creating this piece, Dean reconnected with his brother to explore the roots of their differences, to see if there is any way to find common ground and to try to understand what love means in this context. Join playwright Gabriel Jason Dean in exploring the ideological divide in America and asking, "Is love enough?"

#RIFT Part 1: A FREE Play Over Text Message (The next round begins January 25, 2022)

Experience the conversations of two brothers via text messages delivered

right to your phone over the course of two months.


#RIFT Part 2: Join Us In Person At Luna Stage For The Live Culmination (Coming Fall 2022)

Join us at Luna Stage (virtual and in-person options) this Spring

for the culminating and revelatory final chapter.

#RIFT Part 3: Interact With The Creative Team (TBD)

Interact with the creative team, explore challenges in your own life,

and become part of the story.

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You can read the terms and conditions of participating in Part 1 here.
#RIFT deals with mature themes including violence, sexual abuse, and racism, and is intended for audiences 16+
This project is supported in part by Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation's Plays for Now initiative, and the New Jersey Theatre Alliance's STAGES Festival.


“In these divided times, when truth has become commodified and weaponized, I think maybe it’s the best thing I can do as a writer,” says Dean. “Just tell the true story. And in doing that, I think people will see themselves and their own truths in the story of my estranged brother and me."  – New Jersey Stage 

"The idea is that this is not just a story about me and my brother,” says (playwright Gabriel Jason) Dean. “The piece, more than anything, is about making space when it’s uncomfortable to hear each other. Sitting in the same room even though you don’t think you’ll be able to see eye to eye—forcing that, forcing yourself to do that.”  – NJ Monthly


Do I have to do Part 1 to understand Part 2?

You can absolutely enjoy Part 2 as a stand-alone event.

Will strangers text me if I do Part 1? 

Nope! Just us! Everything comes straight from Luna Stage to you.


Will texts wake me up at night? 

Nope! We're polite and only text between 10 am and 7 pm. We do our best to track your time zones too.


Did I miss anything? 

See above! The play starts when you sign up.


Will you sell my phone number?

No, of course not. Who do you think we are? You can read our whole privacy policy here.


Can I change my mind? 

Of course. Just text "stop" if you do. But we bet you won't want to!


Is this a true story?

Sometimes yes, sometimes not exactly. Certain aspects have been fictionalized to protect the real people in this story.

Why are you doing this?

We believe that this deep and ongoing engagement with the creative process will allow audiences and artists to become collaborative partners, grappling together with how we understand our past and imagine our future.